Pricing Structure


Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure consists of a combination of three aspects:
(Note: All prices are including VAT unless otherwise specified.)
– This is a once off cost to install the equipment needed for you to connect to our network.
– This could be a variety of items depending on the service(s) you require.
– These are the fixed charges on our network – connection fees, line rentals, etcetera.
– The data package you choose, additional data you use, telephone & fax calls, etcetera.
Please contact us on +2718 011 0411 if you need specific pricing or further information.

Installation Costs
The basic installation to connect to our network:

In order to connect to our network, fixed wireless equipment has to be installed outside the buildings. This equipment is powered from the inside of the building where it also provides an Ethernet connection, also seen as a network point, to which any IP enabled network device can be connected. The fixed wireless connection includes a NAT router which provides the premises with its own private DHCP IP range. Connecting to this IP range routes all Internet traffic through our network.
Because our wireless system works on the principle of line of sight there are sometimes challenges with the installation. The best place to do the installation might not be close to where the services will be used, so additional equipment might have to be added. These potential additional costs can only be determined on site and will be quoted before installation will commence.
A basic installation can cost between R1 500.00 – R2 500.00 depending on your location – please confirm the installation cost with our office.
To connect more than one computer on the IP network you will need a network switch: R 200.00 – R250.00.
To create a wireless hot-spot on the site in order to connect a laptop, iPad, Smart phone or any other Wi-Fi device you need a Wi-Fi router – they range from R650.00.

Telephone Installation:

Option 1: From R900.00

Install a VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone. It is a digital device and can only work on a VOIP system like ours and plugs into an IP network. These devices won’t work on a normal analogue (like Telkom) line. Prices start at R900.00 for a basic desktop phone, but there are other more sophisticated devices as well as cordless options available depending on the need. The quality of these phones are outstanding as they are made for the VOIP purpose.

Option 2: From R760.00 depending on the region

Install an ATA – “analogue telephone/terminal adapter” which converts the digital VOIP signal to an analogue signal.

You can use any telephone handset which worked on an analogue network (like Telkom). The device can also terminate either 1 or 2 telephone numbers. Cost for the ATA start from R860.00.

We have a variety of telephone handsets which will work with option 2. We provide ordinary desktop phones as well as cordless options. They range from R300.00 to R700.00.

We also offer PBX and “hosted” PBX systems. Prices for this have to be quoted.

Fax Installation to be able to send and receive faxes:

TrueFax uses a dedicated ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) from Pangea that connects directly with the fax machine and converts the fax to a TIFF data file which it then transfers over the Internet to the Pangea server. The Pangea server will then physically make the fax call to the end destination and send a confirmation to the local fax machine and/or e-mail address.
With this solution you get a dedicated 087 fax number and access to a website to monitor and manage your faxes. (Note that we can also port your existing geographical number if you have a dedicated fax number – see next section Number Porting.)
Also note that contrary to the traditional Telkom analog network our telephone and fax solutions are two separate functions and need to be connected separately. Price of the TrueFax ATA is R 1530.

Number Porting:

R200 per number;

  • Any geographical number can be ported to another service provider. If you have an existing number that you want transferred to either TrueVoice or TrueFax we can accommodate that. The cost of number porting is R200 per number.
  • When porting a number please note the following:
    • Only geographical numbers (ie 011 / 012 / 018 / 016 etcetera – no 087 or 086 numbers) can be ported – and the number to port can only be used within the geographical area it was issued to be used in.
    • The porting request takes about 2 weeks to complete. We submit the request to the service provider currently managing the number (ie Telkom) through our service provider. They process the request and if everything is in order they will reply with a porting date, which we will confirm.
    • The following could result in a decline of the request: outstanding payments on the account, no active account on that number, a long term agreement has been entered into on that number. We will be informed of the reason for the decline.
    • Also note that if the current provider is Telkom then all data services connected to that number will also be cancelled.
    • Do not cancel the current service until the port has been completed.
    • Some providers keep on billing the service even after no service exists – so please confirm the cancellation with the old service provider after the porting has completed.
    • There is a two (2) month cool off period on the port in which a request for a port reversal can be submitted. After the 2 months a complete new process has to be entered into with the new service provider if the number needs to be moved.
Monthly Fixed Costs:

Description: Cost
To be able to have an active connection to our network the basic connection fee needs to be paid. This enables all other services: R100
Public IP (This is only needed for clients that want to login to devices like cameras or servers from outside our network or clients whom wish to have an IP which links directly to the internet – all other clients will NAT behind our firewall) R25
Additional routing to connect from or to other networks, tunnel protocols like EOIP and VPN, etcetera Quoted Additional
VOIP line rental R80 / concurrent call
Fax line rental R95
Annual domain registration R250
Monthly email hosting, R10 per address with a minimum of 10 addresses R100 minimum
Internal data streaming within our network (with a maximum of 4 AP hops) R100 / Mbps
Monthly Variable Costs
Internet Access

Important terms to understand in order to choose a data package:

  • Queue: In data traffic transit a queue refers to the router system where data grams or packets are queued in a router, when the exit speed from the router is slower than the speed of the traffic coming in. The hold-up or build-up of traffic waiting to exit is called a queue – similar to a queue in a banking line or at a fast foods outlet.
  • Priority: Refers to how the router makes decisions on which data grams or packets in a queue to send out before others. Packets enter the queue in the order at which they arrive. Packets with similar priorities will take up position in the queue based on the position which they arrived in, however packets with higher priority markings will be placed ahead of packets with lower priority markings in the queue. Note that priority only becomes a factor when the exit speed is slower than the entry speed. To use the bank queue again, priority would mean that a high profile customer coming into the bank will be allowed to move directly to the front of the queue. This would obviously only benefit the customer if a queue has actually formed.
  • Contention: An Internet connection of say 10Mbps shared by 20 users is considered uncontended when each user is assigned a maximum speed of 500Kbps, ie even if all users use their maximum capacity they will not exceed the 10Mbps allowed. However if each user is assigned a maximum speed of 1Mbps the system is considered contended – ie when each user tries to use their maximum speed all at once they will need more than the total network assignment of 10Mbps and the users contend with each other for the available bandwidth. The queueing and prioritising systems used will determine how the contended connections are managed.
  • SLA: A Service Level Agreement refers to the guarantees given ito uptime of a network, and downtime recovery times. If no SLA is specified then no guarantees are provided with the connection. The regulator allows, as a standard, 3 days for a fault reported by a customer to be cleared. Specified SLA’s usually go hand in hand with addition remuneration.
  • Fair usage policy: “Fair usage” is a term used to describe what we consider as fair use of every different uncapped account. The implementation of a fare usage policy is to regulate the potential abuse of cheaper uncapped accounts. The True Communications fair usage policy stipulates fair used data amounts within certain time frames, and will reduce the connection speed if these fair use amounts are exceeded. Typically a 4Mbps/5GB/5Day (4-2-1) account allows a user to fairly use 5GB of data calculated in the last 5 days of use. For every increment of 5GB used more in the last 5 days, the connection speed is reduced according to the figures in brackets.

The reason for these distinctions is because no network in SA connecting consumers has unlimited capacity. When the set capacity of a network is reached, the concepts above describe how the network will decide to distribute which priority to which traffic.

We make the following 3 basic distinctions in the way traffic receives priority on our network:

  • Capped data traffic – this traffic will always receive the highest priority within our network, and leaving our network.
  • High priority uncapped data traffic – this traffic will receive second priority behind capped traffic.
  • Low-priority uncapped data traffic – this traffic will receive the lowest priority.

We offer the following two services:

  • Wireless Internet connections in all other areas we have coverage
  • Fibre Internet connections in selected areas in Ventersdorp and Lichtenburg

Wireless Internet Data Bundles:

Capped Data

Package Name GB Price Overs R/Overs
Capped2 2GB R135.00 Data Extra 1 R50.00
Capped3 3GB R150.00 Data Extra 1 R50.00
Capped4 4GB R190.00 Data Extra 1 R50.00
Capped6 6GB R265.00 Data Extra 2 R40.00
Capped8 8GB R325.00 Data Extra 2 R40.00
Capped10 10GB R400.00 Data Extra 2 R40.00
Capped15 15GB R600.00 Data Extra 2 R40.00
Capped25 25GB R850.00 Data Extra 3 R30.00
Capped30 30GB R900.00 Data Extra 3 R30.00
Capped50 50GB R1300.00 Data Extra 4 R20.00
Capped100 100GB R1900.00 Data Extra 4 R20.00

With the capped options you can decide whether you want to be stopped when you have reached your cap, or whether you want the system to add to your cap automatically.

Notifications – the standard for the system is to send an email once a day when you have reached 80% of your cap.

Uncapped Low Priority

Package Name Data Size Price
Uncapped1-1 1/1Mbps/10GB/5days (1-0.5) R205.00
Uncapped2-1 2/1Mbps/10GB/5days (2-1-0.5) R305.00
Uncapped3-1 3/1Mbps/10GB/5days (3-2-1) R405.00
Uncapped6-1 6/1Mbps/10GB/5days (6-4-2-1) R510.00
Uncapped6-2 6/2Mbps/15GB/5days (6-4-2-1) R560.00
Uncapped6-3 6/1Mbps/20GB/5days (6-4-2-1) R760.00
Uncapped6-4 6/2Mbps/25GB/5days (6-4-2-1) R810.00
Uncapped8-2 8/2Mbps/30GB/5days (8-6-4-2) R1010.00
Uncapped8-4 8/4Mbps/35GB/5days (8-6-4-2) R1210.00
Uncapped8-8 8/4Mbps/35GB/5days (8-6-4-2) R1320.00
Uncapped High Priority

Package Name Data Size Price
UncappedHP2-2 2/2Mbps/30GB/3days (2-1) R1135.00
UncappedHP6-3 6/3Mbps/40GB/4days (6-4-2) R2060.00
UncappedHP6-6 6/6Mbps/50GB/4days (6-4-2) R2520.00
UncappedHP8-8 8/8Mbps/60GB/4days (8-6-4) R3030.00
UncappedHP8-8 8/8Mbps/80GB/4days (8-6-4) R3230.00
UncappedHP10-10 10/10Mbps/200GB/4days (10-8-6-4) R5050.00

Uncapped Internet Package Naming: A 6/1Mbps/10GB/5days (6-4-2-1) package specifies 6Mbps maximum download speed, 1Mbps maximum upload speed, with a fair usage policy of 10GB usage in 5 days, where speed will be reduced from6Mbps to 4Mbps to 2Mbps to 1Mbps.
Fair usage policy explained: In the example above, data usage is calculated for the past 5 days – for every 10/GB exceeded over and above the first 10GB in these 5 days, the maximum speed of the connection is reduced by the steps indicated (6-4-2-1) to a minimum of 1Mbps in this case. Note: maximum speeds are best effort Uncapped is designed primarily for large amounts of data download and does not always perform well for normal browsing. We also cannot guarentee the full 6Mbps and upward speeds to clients whom connect over long distances in rural areas.
“Best of both worlds” bundle:
A combination of capped & uncapped, R 850 additional installation cost adding a router that can accommodate both products (some CPE installations have the functionality built in – in this case no added costs wil be required). You are billed for one basic connection fee, plus the chosen uncapped bundle, and R 40/Gb for capped data usage – with the first R 60 as a fixed fee. With software on each individual computer so you can switch between capped and uncapped seamlessly.

True Fiber Prices:

Fiber Internet Bundles are only applicable to selected areas in Ventersdorp and Lichtenburg

Package Name Data Size Price
Capped: Symetrical
High Speed at 20Mbps+ R10/GB
Uncapped: Symmetrical, Low Priority
Uncap_Fiber6-1 6/6Mbps/20GB/4days (6-4-2-1) R410.00
Uncap_Fiber10-1 10/10Mbps/20GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R510.00
Uncap_Fiber10-2 10/10Mbps/30GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R610.00
Uncap_Fiber10-3 10/10Mbps/40GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R710.00
Uncap_Fiber10-4 10/10Mbps/50GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R800.00
Uncap_Fiber10-5 10/10Mbps/60GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R910.00
Uncap_Fiber10-6 10/10Mbps/70GB/4days (10-5-2-1) R1010.00
Uncap_Fiber20-1 20/20Mbps/20GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R710.00
Uncap_Fiber20-2 20/20Mbps/30GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R810.00
Uncap_Fiber20-3 20/20Mbps/40GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R910.00
Uncap_Fiber20-4 20/20Mbps/50GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R1010.00
Uncap_Fiber20-5 20/20Mbps/60GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R1110.00
Uncap_Fiber20-6 20/20Mbps/70GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R1210.00
Uncap_Fiber20-7 20/20Mbps/100GB/4days (20-10-5-2) R1510.00
Uncap_Fiber40-1 40/40Mbps/20GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R810.00
Uncap_Fiber40-2 40/40Mbps/40GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R1010.00
Uncap_Fiber40-3 40/40Mbps/60GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R1210.00
Uncap_Fiber40-4 40/40Mbps/80GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R1410.00
Uncap_Fiber40-5 40/40Mbps/100GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R1620.00
Uncap_Fiber40-6 40/40Mbps/140GB/4days (40-20-5-3) R1920.00
Uncap_Fiber60-1 60/60Mbps/40GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R1210.00
Uncap_Fiber60-2 60/60Mbps/60GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R1410.00
Uncap_Fiber60-3 60/60Mbps/80GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R1620.00
Uncap_Fiber60-4 60/60Mbps/120GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R1820.00
Uncap_Fiber60-5 60/60Mbps/180GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R2330.00
Uncap_Fiber60-6 60/60Mbps/240GB/4days (60-30-15-4) R2830.00
Uncap_Fiber100-1 100/100Mbps/50GB/4days (100-50-20-4) R1510.00
Uncap_Fiber100-2 100/100Mbps/100GB/4days (100-50-20-4) R2020.00
Uncap_Fiber100-3 100/100Mbps/200GB/4days (100-50-20-4) R3030.00
Uncap_Fiber100-4 100/100Mbps/300GB/4days (100-50-20-4) R4040.00
Uncap_Fiber100-5 100/100Mbps/400GB/4days (100-50-20-4) R5050.00
Uncapped: Symmetrical, High Priority
Uncap_FiberHP10-1 10/10Mbps/300GB/4days (10-8-6) R4500.00
Uncap_FiberHP10-2 10/10Mbps/350GB/4days (10-8-6) R5000.00
Uncap_FiberHP20-1 20/20Mbps/400GB/4days (20-15-10) R6000.00
Uncap_FiberHP20-2 20/20Mbps/450GB/4days (20-15-10) R6500.00
Uncap_FiberHP30-1 30/30Mbps/600GB/4days (30-20-15) R8000.00
Uncap_FiberHP30-2 30/30Mbps/650GB/4days (30-20-15) R8500.00
Uncap_FiberHP30-3 30/30Mbps/850GB/4days (30-20-15) R10000.00
Uncap_FiberHP30-4 30/30Mbps/1000GB/4days (30-20-15) R12000.00
All Prices Include VAT
Carrier Grade Internet

R2500 per 1Mbps dedicated Internet access.
(Please note that CPE installation for this service will be different and needs to be quoted separately.)

Telephone Calls
Description Cost
All standard Telkom numbers in SA R 0,45 per minute (billed per second)
Vodacom, MTN, 8ta, CellC and Virgin R 0.99 per minute (billed per second)
Fax Calls
Description Code Cost
SA Telkom Direct Fax 0880 R0.90
SA Telkom Local 010 R0.48
SA Telkom Local 011 R0.48
SA Telkom MaxiCall 0861 R0.78
SA Telkom National 01 R0.60
SA Telkom National 02 R0.60
SA Telkom National 03 R0.60
SA Telkom National 04 R0.60
SA Telkom National 05 R0.60
SA Telkom PRS – Fax-2-Mail 0865 R1.50
SA Telkom PRS – Fax-2-Mail 0866 R1.50
SA Telkom Toll Free 080 R0.00
SA Other 0 R1.85
Mfax on net Mfax R0.00

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