Internet Connection


Internet Connection

A high speed connection to the Internet is the backbone of all our services. We provide both capped and uncapped solutions:

Capped Internet Packages

From as little as 250MB to as much as you want – we can supply your need. Capped Internet is premium unshaped and unthrottled bandwidth. When it comes to capped Internet, unlike most ISP’s, we will not charge you more for higher speed connections – we sell you data and the quicker we can get that data to you the better for you and us.

Uncapped Internet Packages

Although our uncapped Internet is also unshaped, it is throttled based on our fair usage policy, and also subject to contention – meaning many users compete for the same amount of available bandwidth. Contention influences connection speed, especially during peak usage times and should be used with this in mind. These options might not be suitable if you require a stable and high speed connection, consistently.

Best of Both Worlds

Understanding the need for some to do a lot of downloads on a uncapped package, as well as having capped speed when needed, we have developed this option. You can switch between capped and uncapped as you want on each PC, or have some PC’s on uncapped and some on capped.

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